Recession Buster: 10 Steps to Managing Your Household Budget by Tokie Laotan-Brown

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Recession buster: 10 steps to managing your household budget

This book will lay down 10 simple steps to a structured way of dealing with the current recession and how to use your actual finances that are incoming to elevate and dictate to bill operators on how you will like to pay your own bills. The reason behind this book is to acknowledge the fact that, there is a recession and majority of the people around the world are being squeezed with numerous outgoings. I understand the squeeze and I have come to understand the math behind household budgeting without the added stress. 


Language: English


Word Count: 8099

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Now back to looking at the financial outgoings for your family; the most important bills that you have to take into consideration always will be bills that provide for your shelter, feeding and heating (in cold climates). Your rent or mortgage is another important bill and needs to take priority on your Scale of Preference, alongside feeding. They make the two largest chucks of bills that any household will incur. Heating bills are the next in line depending on which region you reside in.

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