Receiving Personal Prophecy: Prophetic Keys to Unlocking Your Prophecies by Bill Vincent

Receiving Personal Prophecy is for everyone who has been around the prophetic and has ever received a prophetic Word.

Receiving personal prophecy: prophetic keys to unlocking your prophecies

There have been a lot of lessons he has learned from years of ministry and surrounding himself with prophetic people. Bill has been asked many questions o how to see that personal prophecy come to pass. Bill Vincent is releasing this book, Receiving Personal Prophecy, to answer those questions. This book is Volume Two of Bill's prophetic book series. You can get Volume One, Increasing Your Prophetic Gift, if you would like to learn to flow in a deeper level of prophetic. Receiving Personal Prophecy is for everyone who has been around the prophetic and has ever received a prophetic Word. Bill talks about mostly personal prophetic ministry where some one singles you out and prophesies to you personally. This also will be a great tool for receiving a Word for a Church, City, Country or so on. This book has the basic guidelines and the strategies for bringing your Words to pass.

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth

Language: English

Keywords: Christian Life, Christian, Christian living

Word Count: 18000

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The enemy hears the Word also, so usually things go the opposite way of what God Says.


People should not hold personal conversations with a Prophet, or anything you want to hear from God. You should never tell a Prophet. A true prophetic Word should come from God and it should be prophetic not pathetic if a true Prophet hears from God and has a Word for you then he will not have to ask you any questions.


God qualifies the ones that He calls. He does not call the qualified. He calls those that have been through the trenches. If you haven’t been through anything then how could you minister to those that are going through the trenches? God also does not use quitters. You have to be prepared to finish the race because if you are not you will go around the mountain until you do not quit or give up.


A prophetic Word speaks potential it is not a guarantee, this is why we war for our Words and not only warring but contending for God to move on our behalf and we also have to line up to the Word that He speaks we can’t expect God to do great things on our behalf when we are living like the devil.


If you are not going to do anything with the first Word God gave you don’t ask for another one, although God is full of grace and mercy and He will probably give you another one. God is good and He is faithful. There will come a time when He will want you to do something to get another Word from the Lord you will sooner or later have to line up and do something with the ones he has already given you.

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