Python For Beginners by James Tudor

Learn Python In 5 Days With Step-by-Step Guidance And Hands-On Exercises

If You Want To Learn Python Programming In As Little As 5 Days - Even If You Have No Technical Skills Whatsoever, Read On...

Python for beginners

How many times have you thought about learning how to code but got discouraged because you had no technical background, didn’t have the time to learn, or you just didn’t think you were smart enough?

Well, we have good news for you. 

You Don’t Need An Expensive Computer Science Degree, A 500 Page Textbook or A Genius Mind To Learn The Basics Of Python Programming!

Amazon bestselling author, James Tudor, provides a concise, step-by-step guide to Python programming for beginners. A lot of examples, illustrations, end of chapter summary and practice exercises (with solutions) are provided to help the reader learn faster, remember longer and develop a thorough understanding of key concepts.  

In This Book, you'll discover:

A concise. Simple. Newby friendly style of teaching that lends itself well to beginners
Chapters that have been sliced into bite-size chunks to give you the information you need (at that point in time) so you're not overwhelmed.
Lots of simple, step-by-step examples and illustrations are used to emphasis key concepts and help improve your understanding
Each practice exercise builds on concepts discussed in previous chapters so your learning is reinforced as you progress.
Topics are carefully selected to give you a broad exposure to Python, while not overwhelming you with too much (potentially unnecessary) information.
An end of chapter summary is presented to give you key take aways that help you solidify your understanding

PLUS, BONUS MATERIALS: The first few pages of this book will show you how to download an answer booklet that summarizes all the solution to the practice exercises presented in this book. 

You no longer have to waste your time and money trying to learn Python from expensive online courses, college degrees or unnecessarily long textbooks that leave you thousands of dollars in debt, more confused and frustrated. 

If you're ready to learn the basics of python programming 5 days from TODAY, grab a copy of this book today! 

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Have made over $1000 since publishing this book. It sells very well on Amazon US so i'm looking to test other markets and languages

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