Public Disgrace at the Club by La Marchesa


Public disgrace at the club

Out of work, facing eviction, and about to lose her car, Parice, is desperate for a quick infusion of cash. Finding hope in a classified ad the beautiful, former showgirl, agrees to be a Party Girl and all that entails for one debauched night at a private men's club.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)

Language: English

Keywords: Explicit Sex, Multiple Partners, Public Sex, BDSM, Sex Party, gang bang, Sex with Strangers, Triple penitration, Double penitration

Word Count: 10270

Sales info:

Pure, raw hard core erotica. Sells well overall, but not at all venues. They don't get much hotter than this one.

Sample text:

So there it is. I'm applying to be the centerpiece of a big fucking orgy. I wanted to run away, but ten thousand reasons kept me in place. Besides, as much as I love sex, the idea of being a group sex toy enticed me. "These are monthly affairs?" 

"For now. I should probably find out if you still want to do this. We have a couple other acceptable young ladies, but if you want it the job for the next event is yours." 

"When's the next event?" 

"Does that mean you're interested?" 


Lee doodled on his desk calendar. "In four days—this coming Friday." 

"How and when would I be paid?" 

"You will be paid in cash the following Wednesday." 

Cash! I like that. "You wouldn't report my earnings?" 

Lee shook his head. "Absolutely not. Certain things about our guild are secret and this is one of them. That's why I asked only for your first name." 

"Will men expect to have sex with me?" 

"Yes, of course, but you will be paid handsomely for it. Most of the men only watch, but gradually with each event more and more men join in."

Thirteen men. I cocked my head. "Wouldn't that be considered prostitution?" 

Lee winced. "Some claim it is, but we're a private club, and it's debatable. Also, since you get paid in cash, there's no record of payment." 

"Would I be the only woman?" 

"No. You'd be the main attraction, but three or four other women will bring food and drink to our members and be available for other things if a member wants. I better explain how this works. 

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Translation in progress. Translated by Carlo Catozzi
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Easy to work with and accurate

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