Prometheus was invented afterward by Svyatoslav Albireo

stories of sience fiction about tasks of cosmopsychologist in far future

Prometheus was invented afterward

The collection contains stories about everyday life of Cosmo-psychologist Amiy Luterna. He lives in a distant future, works in a research institute, solving problems about the behavior of the Universe.

Elohim is a plural. The city gives a Research Institute a task to establish a Supreme Intelligence. A group of scientists is preparing an experiment, asking a question about the universe –to which human mind cannot answer. But even if answer comes, to whom will it be from?

No time. What if you do not have time for anything? And also, what if all the time management fails? Will it require one to do less or choose an easier life? Or ... or go out into Timelessness? The Firokami Cosmo-psychologist did it. Read, how he did it, and maybe you can do it too. Success is much more likely to come if someone is waiting for you there.

A handful of beauty. There is trouble in the scientific town near Firokami. Eric is sick. To imagine what it means to get sick in Firokami, precisely in the city, you need to know that it is a serious issue because life span there is several centuries. They say there are even immortals. Fractures are treated with ointment and changing sex can be done by injection. Thus, "to be sick" means that no one knows how to heal. The best medical minds are struggling with the problem that has arisen. The Cosmo-psychologist Amiy Luterna struggles with the task of the expediency of beauty. Or maybe these problems have one solution?

The name of the collection was given after a poem by my beloved Vadim Shefner:


... People have not yet worshiped idols,

The annals haven't been written yet...

And Prometheus was invented afterward -

they work out fire by their own.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: science fiction, hard sci-fi, future, urban, quantum

Word Count: 28674

Sample text:

Ha! Am I familiar…eeh, Yes, all my work were based on it. Actually, Aristarkh Gromulin was founder of the cosmopsychology. Now professor Gromulin hung up his boots and noted that his work was complete whereby all he could do next, was to optimise and modify it, amounts to just pouring from empty to empty. Gromulin said that any optimisation would exclude essential provisions, and each separate case needed its own modification. Further, he noted that it is for trainees and theorists who would not intend to eat bread for nothing. Gromulin lived on a professorial pension and on the fees from editions and patents. He lived right in the town, in the house designed by scientists of our scientific research institute, and it meant, THAT HOUSE. While taking into account all wishes of a living person. Yes, we have been receiving all privileges even during hard times; there were always those who needed “something to show it to others".

I nodded and he also nodded in response. 

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