Productivity: Techniques to improve your memory, learn faster and be more productive by Steve Kermisch

(222b) Techniques to improve your memory, learn faster and be more productive

Productivity: techniques to improve your memory, learn faster and be more productive


The difference between successful people and those who are not usually comes down to productivity. The more productive you are, the more likely that you will achieve true success. It really is as simple as that.

Roduct that meets or exceeds a customer’s wants and desires.
I start by reviewing the importance of strategically designing your business as a profit-producing machine that copies the franchise and manufacturing model. Be sure to click the link at the top of the transcript and watch the video where I describe this in great detail.

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Sample text:

Let’s say your boss assigns you an important task or project that needs to be completed in one month. To make things even more interesting, let’s assume this project is neither interesting and engaging, nor annoying and challenging. It’s simply the kind of job that you can quickly complete without having to invest an enormous amount of motivation and effort. All you know for sure is that it’s important and has to be completed within one month. Otherwise, heads will roll.

It has been four or five days since you received the project and you already have a few ideas on how you’re going to tackle it. That’s good, right!? I mean, in a sense, you already have a plan. Not a carefully drawn plan with step-by-step instructions, reasonable milestones and clear deadlines, but nonetheless, a plan. Considering that you already know how this whole thing will evolve, you probably feel calm and relieved. Plus, you have twenty-five more days, so no worries.

Let’s say it’s Friday, and since there are only twenty days left until the due date, you decide to spend your entire weekend working on this big project. It’s 8 pm and the phone suddenly rings. It’s one of your friends, calling to invite you out for drinks. Since it’s Friday and you’ve worked your butt off this whole week, a night out with a couple of good friends is just what you deserve. 

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