Productivity: Simple and Effective Time Management Techniques and Multiply Your by Eben Mitchell

(277b) Simple and Effective Time Management Techniques and Multiply Your

Productivity: simple and effective time management techniques and multiply your


This book was from many years of personal experience dealing with similar issues to what you're probably experiencing right now. I've been in the rut. And I know how to get out. It's all here for you in this no-fluff-added productivity and time management guide for beginners.

This book provides a proven system for what managers and supervisors need to know about time management. This book will help you recognize the tasks to be dealt with, how to organize these tasks to complete the work, and how to develop a mindset of continuous improvement.

This you will have a better understanding how you can get from point A to point B using the best method that applies in your case. You will develop a level of clarity, focus and determination all great achievers employ in pursuing their goals.

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One technique that many successful people have sworn by for centuries is to always finish the most difficult task first. Once you do, everything else that follows will be a breeze.


The best way to deal with a tough task is to simply to deal with it head on and focus solely on it. The best part after finishing this task is that you will feel most productive at the end of the day, even if it would be the one task that ate up most of your time that day.


Most would agree that you should deal with the difficult task at the start of the day, because it is the time when you still have lots of energy and optimism to spare. It also helps to invest a little bit in yourself when you know this task is extremely important, such as by donning your best suit or downing your favorite and oh-so-slightly-expensive cup of gourmet coffee right before you begin.


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