Productivity: Quick Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Efficiency, Effectivity by Gregory Dowler

(286b) Quick Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Efficiency, Effectivity

Productivity: quick ways to increase productivity in your efficiency, effectivity


Are you tired of never seeming to get things done when they should be done or not doing some important things because you simply can’t find the time to do them? If you answered yes to all these questions, then it is quite clear that your time management skills are extremely poor.

This book provides you with tips and techniques together with practical steps on how to implement them. Each chapter contains examples drawn from real experience. The book is very practical and to the point and will help you develop your management skills so that you can increase team performance.

So, do you want to achieve that life? Well then, continue reading as this book is created to help you unlock your potential and practice excellent time management. You will learn where you are going wrong, what to do about the situation as well as how to never get back to not being able to manage your time.

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Sample text:

Remember those five words. If you are hoping to stay on track and attack your goals as effectively as possible, there needs to be some form of measurement. Whether it is in your business, your relationships, or your fitness, your goals need to have some form of measurement. You need to be able to see the progress over time in order to adjust course if needed. 


Set checkpoints of reflection as you’re moving down the path to success. Make these checkpoints intentional and look at what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. The best way to be able to see your progress clearly is to have a numerical system in place that can objectively show you how you’re creating change in your life.


If your goal is to “make my marriage better”, there’s no way to measure it. Instead, get specific on how you're going to make it better. Try “I will write my wife a thoughtful note once a week for 3 weeks.” This gives you something to aspire to. It gives you a task that you can quantify, and then reflect on as you seek to get better. Vague goals that can’t be measured do you no good. Put a system in place that can show you evidence of growth or lack thereof.


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