Productivity: Proven Strategies to Getting Organized, Increasing Productivity by Thomas Melton

(237b) Proven Strategies to Getting Organized, Increasing Productivity

Productivity: proven strategies to getting organized, increasing productivity


This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to manage your time effectively and organize your To-Do List tasks, in order to successfully accomplish your goals with confidence and ease.

Procrastination is a basic human tendency. We tend to keep putting things off because we don’t want to do them, the task is quite annoying, or because other things need to be taken care of. 

You also make better decisions and make the right choices which help you to get ahead of others.
Being productive could translate into better opportunities, a raise in salary, promotions and may even help you to work on your dream project.

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management for women, time management productivity, time management system, procrastination, productivity

Word Count: 5289

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Sample text:

After you have worked for a long time it is very easy to fall into certain patterns where you never change your way of doing things. In today’s world, however, trends change every second literally, and this is in each and every industry. As a result, it is very easy to find yourself stuck to old ways of working that are no longer relevant or productive for your industry. What is the solution for this then? The solution in this case therefore is to invest in your skills. If you have only a bachelors,’ go on to get your degree. There are also industry based trainings and conferences where you can learn more on the newest skills and trends in your industry.

You can also learn from fellow employees since each of you possess a special set of skills. In today’s world with the multitudes of online short courses available, you should challenge yourself to take at least two or three short courses every month. This will greatly build your mental capacity and equip you with multiple skills. Online sources like Coursera and Alison among many others offer short courses designed by some of the best universities from across the world. The good news is that a good number of the courses are actually free of charge!

The best way to track this is to set goals such as done above. Another one can be to attend at least one big conference every quarter. 

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