Productivity: Proven Methods to Boost Productivity by Daniel Lowry

(279b) Proven Methods to Boost Productivity

Productivity: proven methods to boost productivity


This book will lay out some very specific steps for you to implement and overcome procrastination. This book is perfect for individual or group settings. Steps that you are able to put to practice immediately upon reading this book. Looking to help a friend or co-worker, this book is perfect!

This book you will learn as much as 35 rituals to help you increase that very productivity of yours so that you can find the time to do all the things that you otherwise thought were simply impossible to do, in what seemed like a very short span of time.

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Sample text:

If you want to get things done, time management is the way to go.  Once you’re given a task, the worst thing you could possibly do is to start procrastinating. Procrastination is not only a killer of time but also a dream destroyer. Therefore, if you’re going to cover a massive amount of work in a given time, you need to reconsider how you use your time.

Developing effective time management strategies and skills is of paramount importance in balancing the conflicting time demands for earning money, leisure, and study. Time management strategies are crucial in every aspect of life such as in employment and school.

Sometimes, you may feel that there’s not enough time to accomplish everything which you had planned to finish within a specific timeframe and this leads to stress build-up. When working under intensive pressure, you need to manage your time effectively so as to finish up the work without compromising on its quality. Once you’ve identified the path to follow so as to manage time effectively, adjust your behavioral patterns and routines in order to get rid of any time-related stress. 

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