Productivity: Mastering Your Time and Boosting Your Productivity by Anna Tobin

(266b) Mastering Your Time and Boosting Your Productivity

Productivity:  mastering your time and boosting your productivity


This Time Management is a book that will help you dig deeper and find the hidden treasures that will help you achieve time management techniques in your daily life! It will surely be a life-changing experience as you apply these strategies and see a difference in your journey!

The one trait that all successful people share is self-discipline. Regardless of the skillset you have, your dedication or motivation, without self-discipline you cannot achieve your goal. Imagine if you can be resilient, have mental clarity and the daily focus that’s necessary to constantly work toward achieving your goals.

 How many adventures and revelations can one have there? Milton discovers the answers to all these questions as he is taken on a tour by the Muse, from room to room, and along the way learns just what it means to not only find your inspiration, but to truly connect with it.

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Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Affirmations

Language: English

Keywords: time management, time management for busy people, time management for women, time management system, procrastination, productivity

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As mentioned earlier, procrastination is often misunderstood as a time management issue when it is, in fact, a self-regulation issue. Swallowing the Frog is not about time management – it’s about regulating yourself into getting the biggest, baddest thing on your list out of the way first. The Pomodoro Technique, although it was invented by a time management guru, is not truly about time either: it’s about regulating your habits into small, repeatable, units of achievement. Power Hours and yogic discipline aren’t about time either, but about choosing when to work and making sure you make a habit of it. 

Take a minute, at the end of every day, to run a post-mortem on what you’ve achieved. Try to recognize when you procrastinated, and when you tackled what needed to be done head-on. Then take steps the next day to improve. After perhaps a week or two of doing this, look at the whole seven or fourteen-day span, and try to answer one question: do you seem to be more productive when you lock yourself into a schedule, or do you do best when you can listen to your gut? 

Rigid schedules work best for some people, because they defuse their impulsiveness and their instinct to delay and distract themselves. Fluid schedules work best for others, because the ticking clock and the shadow of the next item on the agenda, solidly fixed with a beginning and end time, paralyses them.

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