Productivity: Increase your productivity and maximize your potential today by Jennifer Chism

(246b) Increase your productivity and maximize your potential today

Productivity: increase your productivity and maximize your potential today


Many people barely develop self-esteem because of various reasons. It could be stress, lack of motivation, and exhaustion. However, despite these varied causes, there are ways on how you can become a successful person.

Productivity both at home and in your professional career. Inside this helpful book you will find so many lessons pulled from the most successful people: This book can transform the way you view productivity and the ways you go about getting things done!

Whether you are a student, stay-at-home parent, entrepreneur, or even an aspiring professional athlete, being productive and finding the perfect balance between work and life can be incredibly challenging.

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Sample text:

If you’ve been lazy for a long time, make your list doable. Then write down the amount of time that you can devote to each task. Something I found useful was to motivate myself to do things by pretending I had a time limit. Perhaps you can even play the same game as I did and pretend that you are doing whatever it is for a client. When you give yourself a deadline and start the job that you have to do, you are likely to finish it before the deadline because you already have the incentive. You want to beat the clock and it feels wonderful when you do. Procrastinators put things off until the last minute and then produce mediocre results. I suggest you do the opposite. Set a starting time and an ending time and concentrate totally on the task you have on your list until you have finished it.


When you have finished a job on the list, use a thick felt tipped red pen to scrub it off your list and give yourself a little bit of time to celebrate. That doesn’t mean taking the rest of the day off. You still have other goals. However, there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself a break to have a cup of coffee. 


Now that you have managed one day’s goals, make a point at night to write yourself a goal list for the next day, every day and that includes weekends! You will find that you are able to do things that benefit others. That’s a great way to find incentives. For instance, perhaps you are going to a party on Saturday. Make a part of your list baking something for the party so your friends see you turn up with something instead of expecting them to provide everything. They will not only be surprised but will be delighted. 

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