Productivity: How to transform your morning for Happiness Success & Productivity by Frank Kathy

(220b) How to transform your morning for Happiness Success & Productivity

Productivity: how to transform your morning for happiness success & productivity


If you need to better organize your work day, your family life, or if you just want to get things done more efficiently without wasting time, this no-nonsense, easy-to-read productivity manual will teach you highly effective work techniques and strategies. "Ultimate Productivity" lays out straightforward, easy-to-follow strategies that will help you reach your personal and professional goals. It's time to get things done!

In this book, you will discover how to overcome adversity, how to deal with self-discipline using ten reliable routine steps, how to eradicate distraction to improve performance and focus, how to stop procrastination, dealing with temptation and some information to help you develop yourself and achieve your more

I get it. I have been there too. Constantly looking for books and courses to fix my laziness and lack of productivity, eventually wasting tons of time on research.

After long years of searching and failing, I have compiled the exact tools you need to become more productive.

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Sample text:

One of the best things that you can do to get inspiration is to help the people around you. Helping old ones is a great way to stay in touch with others and to inspire yourself. Now, how do you start helping others? There are several steps that you can take here. For instance, if there’s an old age home in your neighborhood, you can start volunteering there for a few hours every week. Similarly, if there’s a soup kitchen in the area, you can start volunteering there as well. Remember, taking out a few hours of the week isn’t going to hurt you at all. Instead, you will begin to feel a sense of thankfulness as you start helping those who are underprivileged.

Apart from volunteering, look for people around you who might be in need of help. Whether it’s helping a person to cross a road or petting a dog, doing good things will instantly inspire you.

Another way to get inspired is to give more than you receive. Numerous studies have shown that giving is an act that helps you to feel better about yourself. This is an act that signifies that you have more than enough, thus you are willing to give away some of it. Not only does it show kindness and thankfulness, but it also shows a sense of awareness. Every day, take out a few pennies and give them away. No matter how much money you earn, try to give a bit of it away. Whether it’s a monthly donation to your favorite charity or chump change to a beggar, giving away a bit of your wealth is going to leave you feeling a lot happy and contented with yourself.

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