Productivity: How to Get Motivated, Stay Motivated and Increase Your Productivity by Michael Hurst

(226b) How to Get Motivated, Stay Motivated and Increase Your Productivity

Productivity: how to get motivated, stay motivated and increase your productivity


They struggle financially, emotionally and physically as a result of this destructive habit. This not only affects them in their own personal life but also those around them. Most people realize how much of a problem this is, but are unable to change. simply because they have conditioned their mind to act in this way for so long.

Successful businessmen, accomplished artists, and highly-competitive athletes all have one thing in common… They have all discovered the key to achieving their life’s goals, this key has nothing to do with wealth, knowledge or talent…

You will live a happier life. You will learn how to create more happiness and joy in your life by following meditation, gratitude, and breathing principles.
By focusing on presence and self, Right Now shows you how to level up in life.

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You can’t be happy if your body lacks mobility. Get out in the fresh air as often as you can and encourage your kids to do the same. Instead of sitting in front of the TV each night, take the dog for a walk with the kids. Enjoy nature because it is positively uplifting and helps you to take in the fresh air that you need as well as helping you to gain energy. If you have a Wii, then play it with the kids. Enjoy activity, rather than allowing yourself to stagnate. For those who need low impact sport, what’s wrong with swimming? Even walking is great exercise and helps the body to make even more energy. 

I remember one client getting up to dance at the age of 80 and she felt better than she had felt for the past 20 years. It made her feel alive and vibrant and exercise doesn’t have to be punishment or consist of vigorous workouts in the gym. It just makes the difference between slowing your heart to a danger level and not being able to walk upstairs and being so healthy that you never even think of taking the escalator. People with energy achieve more and they are able to feel great about it. Thus, this is a very important area of your life. Don’t ignore it. 

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