Productivity: How Productivity and Self Discipline for High Performance by Rebekah Dejesus

(280b) How Productivity and Self Discipline for High Performance

Productivity: how productivity and self discipline for high performance


If performance isn’t where you need it to be, you probably haven’t provided your managers with a High-Performance Coaching system to follow to achieve your strategic goals.

Most books and articles only talk about how to use Keep but rarely do you see people explaining their personal routines/workflows around Keep. My hope is to share my workflow with others so they can get ideas about tailoring their own workflows and get more benefit out of using Keep.

In our fast-moving modern world, productivity, whether as a leader or an employee, is a skill that is highly sought after, and the key to productivity is effective time-management. The problem is a lot of people, especially in the workplace, have horrible time-management skills and it's affecting their future prospects.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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A common misconception is that the theory of mindset is just that: a theory. As everyone seeks to self-help titles and topics to assist them in their personal growth, many find themselves lost among all of the different pieces of information floating around. This has resulted in many people not having a strong idea on what growth mindset truly is or about the proof that it genuinely exists. Many don’t even believe that this theory has any truth behind it based on a lot of misinformation that is mixed in with the facts.

The fortunate truth is that mindset actually does have very strong scientific roots, and you can use these as evidence that any work you do towards your mindset will hold great power in your ability to have a growth mindset. The rest of this chapter is going to explain the scientific roots of growth mindset, and why this should matter to you.

Theory Founder
 The theory of growth mindset was founded over 30 years ago by a lady named Carol Dweck. Alongside her colleagues, they became fascinated in understanding their students’ attitudes surrounding the topic of “failure.” They developed this interest after seeing two very different reactions to failure in their students: some rebounded and were empowered to do better, and others were devastated no matter how small or large the failure was perceived to be.

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