Productivity: Essential to Build Discipline Improve Productivity and Efficiency by Kyle Nelson

(230b) Essential to Build Discipline Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity: essential to build discipline improve productivity and efficiency


The tips and techniques described here cover a wide selection of topics ranging from free tools and applications to writing and project management techniques.

Highly effective habits, which will improve your quality of life. Moreover, this is a step-by-step guide that will clearly explain all about habits and how to break out of all bad habits and implement new and productive ones.

simple secrets to optimally managing your time so that you can continue becoming even more productive with the same amount of time on your hands. After reading this book, you’ll be in the position to achieve more with the same – or possibly even less – time.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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Sample text:

This is a very clever way to introduce new habits into your life. Let me explain. If you already have a habit and there is something you should do but are lazy about, how about linking them together so that you acquire a good habit. For example, you may go to the toilet in the morning. How often do you get off the toilet and clean the seat? Then it becomes a big deal during your housework that you have to clean the toilet. What about when you look in the bathroom mirror? Do you notice the splashes on it? Do you do anything about them? You probably don’t and consider the task of cleaning your teeth or combing your hair as being totally different to cleaning the mirror. These are just banal examples of adding a new habit to an old one, but this can work in the workplace as well or in any area of your life where you know that you are lazy. 


If you get out of bed and leave the bed unmade, it's not exactly a great start to an organized day. How about doing it another way. The trick is to have a habit that exists and tag another habit to it so that you achieve more. When you get out of bed, sit on your bed and examine your list of things to do. This is a habit we have already discussed. Then, introduce making the bed and opening the drapes. If you do this every day without fail for the next month, you will find that it becomes a habit. Then next to the habits that you have already identified, tag another habit that would follow on smoothly from the last habit. Then, for the next thirty days, you need to discipline yourself to do whatever it is that you want to introduce into your life. 


Similarly, if you drive your car on auto, why not introduce something that you can do while driving. If you are stressed, for example, why not catch up on listening to a soothing meditation podcast instead of getting angry and frustrated with the traffic.

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