Productivity: An Effective Guide on How to Improve Your Productivity by Paul Fonseca

(271b) An Effective Guide on How to Improve Your Productivity

Productivity: an effective guide on how to improve your productivity


This ebook will show you the fastest and most effective way to upgrade your memory. You will learn how to increase cognition and boost IQ in as little as a few hours. Not only that, but you will be more focused, accomplish more, and more energy than ever before.It shows them how to take advantage of the features offered by the software to reduce the amount of time spent editing documents. This improves profitability by letting them spend more time writing and less time preparing documents for publication.

it can be useful to compare the person we were to who we are today and who we’ll be in the future, in order to track our progress. Poor habits like procrastination can greatly inhibit our progress on the journey to self-improvement. It’s never too late to start over and stop putting our goals and dreams off until the last minute.

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The act of procrastination is a problem that every one of us has had, and probably every one of us is still suffering from. A recent study conducted by Joseph Ferrari, a psychology professor at DePaul University, shows that 90-95% of the population admitted that they are constant procrastinators while 20% are suffering from chronic procrastination. Chromic procrastination is a disorder wherein procrastination becomes so prevalent that people adopt it as part of their lifestyle, thus causing them to find difficulty in coping with deadlines and setting schedules for necessary tasks. This inevitably leads to constant hassles in one’s finances, health and quality of life.

At first, people condemn procrastination as a side effect of modern day living, but history tells us that procrastination is a problem that has existed since the dawn of mankind and the rise of civilization.

The earliest record of procrastination comes from Hesiod, a Greek poet who lived around 800 B.C. He repeatedly warned “not to leave any work for later or tomorrow”. Cicero, a Roman consul, noticed the problems in the rule of Marcus Antonius and took a firmer step where he declared procrastination as a hateful and shameful conduct in the affairs of the empire.

Another major force that dealt with procrastination was the voice of the Church. The Church defines procrastination as a kind of sin where instead of using your life to help others and promote righteousness, you squander it for unhealthy self-indulgences.

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