Productivity: A Stress-Free Guide to Quickly Increase Your Productivity by Melissa Grace

(232b) A Stress-Free Guide to Quickly Increase Your Productivity

Productivity: a stress-free guide to quickly increase your productivity


The volume also discusses some of the ways billionaires think differently from other people. It is through such information that you can reshape your life and strive to succeed. Also, there are several examples of how wealthy people are using mental models to their advantage. The strategy has worked for them. Successful people are living their dreams because of their mastery in using mental models. 

Your use of Management Tools and Metrics was critical because they provided a Roadmap for improvement and allowed you to monitor with validity and accuracy your progress. I see many Companies who just “shot in the dark” and then somehow hope that they are successful. Your rigor was a critical success factor for you throughout.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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Adjusting your posture could also help give you more energy and a better attention span. The ideal posture in a seated position should put your head in line with your body, with your ears directly over your shoulders. Most people have a tendency to hunch forward while typing or staring at a computer screen, putting far too much strain on your neck and back. For each inch your head is too far forward it adds ten extra pounds of pressure to your neck—and if you hold that position throughout an 8-hour work day, it’s a recipe for aches and potential joint damage. Just like with the improper desk height, this leads to discomfort and distraction that can break your focus.

The best way to assess your posture is to sit in front of a mirror. Your shoulders should slope slightly downward—if they’re raised, that means you’re carrying a lot of tension in your upper back. 

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