Productivity: A Simple and Proven Work-Life Balance and Increase Your Productivity by Curtis Eberle

(247b) A Simple and Proven Work-Life Balance and Increase Your Productivity

Productivity: a simple and proven work-life balance and increase your productivity


The key to success is having the time and energy to get the important things done. I created a personal routine to help me achieve more. A simple routine that became a system for success.

Are you looking to improve your memory for school and ace those classes? Are you looking to expand your memory for work and excel at your career? Are you looking to retain more information when reading a book? Look no further.

There are some habits that can lead to our own destruction. Habits like smoking, doing drugs, or drinking are called addictions but they are still habits. All habits can be created or destroyed with just a little will power. If you are motivated in the right direction, your habit can be formed seemingly overnight.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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Sample text:

If you look at your desk at night and see what you have to do the following day, you can go through the papers you have on your desk and prioritize and delegate. Lazy people who procrastinate often don’t see delegation as something they want to do as they feel this draws attention toward their failures. Remember what we said about management? Well, it may please you to know that delegation is top on the list of skills when it comes to getting promoted. If you know that a colleague can answer a query faster than you can, acknowledge it. It will help you to gain the trust of that colleague and will improve your relationship with him/her.

When you prioritize, you are singling out the things that are the most urgent and that will use most of your attention so that these can be dealt with first thing in the morning. You need your wits about you and this is the best time to do the jobs you hate because your mental energy will allow you to get them done. Next on the pile is those things that are low priority. These may change over time, but they don’t have any deadline at the moment. Thus, they can be done later in the day when your concentration levels are less honed. 

You will have phone calls to make as well and you will need to set aside a bit of time during the day to catch up with calls. However, don’t do it all day. It doesn’t make you efficient and it stops you from getting on with things that are more important. Switch on your voicemail and don’t even answer the phone until your high priority jobs are done in the morning. People can wait and you can give them your undivided attention at a later time. 

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