Productivity: A Practical Guide to Overcome Bad Habits Stop Being Lazy by Patricia Meza

(265b) A Practical Guide to Overcome Bad Habits Stop Being Lazy

Productivity:  a practical guide to overcome bad habits stop being lazy


There are many applications for speed reading, and you can teach yourself to speed read in just a few weeks. It’s easy to set goals and meet them with the techniques and tips available in this book. There’s no reason that reading has to be hard.

The power of productivity and being self-disciplined is what will determine your success, no matter what your goals are. So it’s important to master these attributes and clear your vision and purpose towards what you want to achieve.

This book reveals the main principles of human psychology and shows how to apply them in pursuing your personal goals, to become more productive and full of energy, and to feel great every day.

Do not wait longer to discover YOUR KEY to a new and better life.



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Sample text:

I know – procrastination is a big, unwieldy word. We’ve already used it fourteen times and we’re just now starting the actual first chapter of this book. The truth is, there is no good synonym for procrastination, because it is, as we mentioned, not just an act (delaying, temporizing), but an act and its reason: procrastination means putting something off in favour of another activity. So, while the book will occasionally use some of these other terms, it’s important to remember they are approximate and that one of the reasons we all struggle with procrastination is because, when we procrastinate, we do not feel like we are putting something off and choosing, instead, to stand still in life. We are putting something off by deciding to do something else instead – even if that “something else” is watching TV, playing video games, or sleeping in. I’ll come back to this again and again in this book, and it’s an important concept. We trick ourselves into procrastinating because the activity we feel like doing offers us some sort of reward – chemical as well as psychological – at least in the short term.

A key aspect of procrastinate behaviour is that it is not necessarily linked to failure. When we procrastinate we delay work until later or, most frequently, the very last possible moment – it does not always mean we ignore the work altogether. It’s a behavioral attitude that goes back hundreds of years. 

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