Productivity: A Complete Guide to Happier Energetic and Improve Your Productivity by Geoff Greene

(236b) A Complete Guide to Happier Energetic and Improve Your Productivity

Productivity: a complete guide to happier energetic and improve your productivity


This book will prepare to focus on important topic in interview and real project management scenario.As a first time project manager it is important to understand the key topics of leadership, planning, estimation, controlling project completion and explain that people are crucial in the formula for success.

Although we often liken our brain to a computer, it really isn’t like one beyond a few over-simplified concepts. Instead, there are quantum devices, logical circuits, and tremendous amounts of back up and associative references in our brain, allowing us to have more robust abilities than any computer or even supercomputer.


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Have you been eyeing that corner office for a long time now? Do you feel like you are not delivering to the maximum of your ability in the office? Are you a serial procrastinator? Do you get easily distracted? If you fit any of the above descriptions, then welcome to this ultimate guide on how to become productive in the office. It is safe to assume that you do know for a fact that for you to get further ahead in your career, it is important that you stand out in the office.  

Productivity is described as the effectiveness of productive effort. This can be simplified to include three concepts; time, effectiveness and notable, accurate results. This means that to be productive, you have to be effective and smart in how you choose to do your work. You should strive to do the work in as little time as possible and also ensure that you stick to all the required timelines. Finally, you should ensure that the results that you obtain are viable, accurate and correct. When this criterion is met, then you can positively say that you have been productive.

With that in mind, then what does productivity entail? It is all about taking back control, particularly of your time. Better time management is at the core of all things productivity. Productivity has three basics that you ought to remember for a successful result.

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