Productivity: A Complete Guide to Achieving Mindfulness, Productivity by Rachel Pullein

(276b) A Complete Guide to Achieving Mindfulness, Productivity

Productivity: a complete guide to achieving mindfulness, productivity


The combination of the described approaches can serve as a good foundation for changing your habits and improving particular aspects of your life. Some effort will still be required to achieve the full potential of effective time management.

 You will learn how to set boundaries and when to say no without feeling bad about yourself. You will learn how to create a healthy and productive morning ritual that will dramatically increase your productivity for the rest of the day.

The methods in this guide work because it gets things done so much faster. You will have more time to spend with your family and friends by finishing your work that much faster.

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You cannot go to war without your weapons;that is why you need the right tools to be productive. You’ve already learned the value of an executive planner, but there are additional tools that you can use to manage time wisely.


One such tool is your good-old timer. All smart phones have a timer, so use yours every day. For instance, you can use it to measure how long it takes for you to concentrate on a single task. On average, people can dedicate themselves to work for two straight hours before they need a break. Once you know how long your threshold is, you can then set the timer for whenever you need to focus. Once the timer is up, you can take a break which, by the way, should also be timed (average break-time for most people is 15 minutes).


Another simple tool is the alarm clock. This one is for more fixed tasks that you have to do each day, such as waking up in the morning and going to bed each night. Again, smart phones will allow you to set multiple alarms with labels, so decide on those fixed tasks. Ideally, you should assign a specific ring-tone for each task, and on hearing it, you will be conditioned on what to do.



There are plenty of other free apps and tools you can use to manage time. If you think you need more discipline (such as waking up early in the morning for work), then you may invest in tools that are especially designed for your needs.


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