Productivity: 90 proven ways to boost your productivity by Bassam Richard

(272b) 90 proven ways to boost your productivity

Productivity: 90 proven ways to boost your productivity


This issue is a little bit different like the others were! I thought after all these months - 8 to be exact - I showed you different ways how people live the Lifestyle they’ve chosen and created or themselves and it is time for you to start doing something.

This well researched book is dedicated for the intensified exploration of time management and the habits to be cultivated in order to achieve more while doing less. You will understand that time management is not about working intensely, but working effectively to achieve effective result.

Many people barely develop self-esteem because of various reasons. It could be stress, lack of motivation, and exhaustion. However, despite these varied causes, there are ways on how you can become a successful person. Self-esteem is not just about controlling oneself, but is about living a healthy, quality and successful life.

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We have just tackled the positive effects that procrastination can bring, but too much of a good thing can be bad and procrastination is no exception. Procrastination is useful only as a support; one must never allow it to dictate one’s future or else it will be tragic.

Here are the following complaints about procrastination that arise from lack of self-control:

·           Stressful –An ordinary worker will divide his job into small but many tasks that he can finish within a comfortable schedule. It is a very effective way of maximizing a person’s productivity without sacrificing his break periods.  A procrastinator, on the other hand, will leave the work for tomorrow, or until the deadline comes knocking at the door. A procrastinator enjoys a life of small pleasures but if he continues to neglect his responsibilities, there will come a moment where he will have no choice but to rely on cramming.

Experts agree that cramming is desperate measure done only by foolish people. It is a reckless activity that never really benefited anyone. In the end, the simple joys that a procrastinator indulges in are easily out-weighted by the stress that would result from his negligence.

·           Unhealthy –It’s bad enough that a procrastinator abandons his work; what is even worse is the fact that the more obligations he avoids, the more will pile up. To add insult to injury, the more you avoid it, the more you will hate it. A job that you do not enjoy is the hardest to finish.

The anxiety caused by constant neglect will slowly grow into a stress that will chip away at the immune system and degrade a person’s ability to focus.

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