Productivity: 8 Simple Stategies to increase your productivity by Weston Williams

(245b) 8 Simple Stategies to increase your productivity

Productivity: 8 simple stategies to increase your productivity


At the beginning of my journey I was so overwhelmed with everything that I started procrastinated and at the end I was just frustrated and ended up doing nothing.

Procrastination is the postponement of a planned or scheduled task until later without a good reason. In this book, Overcoming Procrastination, you will learn some basic steps, tips and tricks, to better maximize your time, and enhance the designated time needed to get things done.

 It shows them how to take advantage of the features offered by the software to reduce the amount of time spent editing documents. This improves profitability by letting them spend more time writing and less time preparing documents for publication.

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Sample text:

Because you procrastinate, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are lazy. Some people who procrastinate aren’t lazy. They are just not productive. However, whichever type of person you are, you do need to know what the consequences are of being lazy in your approach toward attaining your goals in life. Let’s look closely at the potential consequences if you carry on in the same way as you do now:


You miss out on promotion – That’s because procrastinators don’t often get chosen for senior positions. They can’t even organize themselves, let alone being able to give others a good example. Management needs people who are able to work to their deadlines and produce work that is predictably productive. This sets a great example to workers around you and thus, if you choose to continue to procrastinate, you will always have a mediocre job.


You never learn how good YOU are – Perhaps you procrastinate because you are afraid of failure. That’s a common reason. People are afraid to fail and thus give up before they even start. Being a non-starter will get you a really bad reputation both at work and at home. You give the impression to those who are influenced by you that the world gives you everything for nothing. Imagine your children believing that being lazy is normal. Imagine your future. In truth, the future is bleak for people who are procrastinators. They never make up their minds about things and thus lose the respect of people around them – even your kids may not respect you as a parent. You never learn your own strengths by being the kind of person who puts things off. How can you measure your own success? The truth is that you can’t. Thus, you will always be unsuccessful.


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