Productivity: 8 Best Easy Ways to Change Your Habits for Happiness by Jay Schiller

(229b) 8 Best Easy Ways to Change Your Habits for Happiness

Productivity: 8 best easy ways to change your habits for happiness


All you need to do is have the persistence and determination to see it through until the end. You will find that you ask yourself multiple times why you are doing this, what are you honestly getting out of it, but the main thing you need to remember is this—Procrastination will make you think these things

The human brain is a spectacular creation that can perform wonders provided we use it in the right manner. Do you know what differentiates legends from normal successful people? The legends make the best of their minds and bodies. If you know how to become maximally productive, you can also do everything you admire in others. The good news is you can easily do that by forming some good habits that replace your existing unhealthy ones that make you unproductive and inefficient.

So how do we go about breaking habits which are undermining our ability to govern ourselves to a higher standard? Work. Yes, that four-letter word we tend to avoid at all costs is right there in the middle of strategizing around infusing your life with more discipline.

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Quite often people get sidetracked and it is no one's fault but theirs that this happens. They may get up in the morning and check social media, which can waste hours of time. They may answer their cell phones or deal with their emails, but unless there is something important to deal with, all of these activities are time wasting and serve very little purpose. 


It’s the same in an office environment. If you have something challenging to accomplish and don’t do it first thing in the morning, you lose an opportunity to do it with a more efficient state of mind. Discipline yourself into having a quiet period where you concentrate on the most difficult of your tasks and tell people around you that you need to concentrate. Switch off your cell phone. Put an automatic reply service on your email and put your telephone on voice mail. Your boss will be quite happy that you are dealing with something demanding and is unlikely to object if you need a quiet space in which to do this important task. 


The problem with procrastinators is that they make excuses for not doing/having done things and often leave things until the last minute. If you are one of these people, you haven’t experienced the rush that you get from finishing before everyone else does and that’s something that really does motivate you to do well in life. Instead of doing all the mundane things that you will use as an excuse for not achieving the more important things, flip your list of things to do over and tackle the most ambitious tasks first. 

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