Productivity: 15 Change Your Lifestyle with High Productivity Habits by Kevin Maestas

(263b) 15 Change Your Lifestyle with High Productivity Habits

Productivity: 15 change your lifestyle with high productivity habits


If managing your time better is something you would like to achieve, you are in the right place. With this book you will learn the secret to better time management, multiplying your productivity and getting more stuff accomplished as practiced by the world’s top achievers.

It further shows how human brain projects time. The reasons why excruciating moments, exhalation and periods of bliss are registered with different time duration in the mind. It further goes on to reveal seven secrets on how to make the most of one's time using the mind

This book shares powerful tips that can help you become more productive. Apply them consistently in your work and personal life to get the optimum result. You will be amazed by your power to transform your life with just a few productivity hacks.

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Sample text:

They contain the tasks you plan to do during a day, starting from the urgent ones to the least urgent.

If you utilize your to-do list, you will utilize your time well, increasing your productivity and eventually start making a real success in your career.

By using a to-do list will help you capture everything you plan to do. Capturing every activity is important not to forget any task you are supposed to do.

You will as well prioritize your work in the to-do list in that, you can start with tasks that need immediate attention and those that you are likely to forget. This is especially important if you want to beat that deadline, and also avoiding to overwork yourself.

Without to-do lists, you will seem unreliable and unfocused which might affect your job.

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