Prayer Plus Faith Equals Miracles: 31 Days of Fervent Prayer by Sharon Crittenden

When Life Knocks You Down, Pray Your Way Up!

Prayer plus faith equals miracles: 31 days of fervent prayer

Why do others seem to enjoy life, while it seems you are simply enduring life? Why is it that some people always end up on top of the world while yet for others, the world is on top of them? What seems to separate those who enjoy life and those who struggle with every aspect of day-to-day living? I have searched for answers to these questions most of my days as a frequent churchgoer. The answer is not that some people are lucky or by happenstance, never have to worry about surviving. The answer is simply a commitment to PRAYER, backed by intense FAITH. This book is the anecdote to many of life’s challenges. Take a journey to 31 days of passionate prayer. Included on this journey, is a journal for the reader to take notes about their daily communications with God! 

Genre: RELIGION / Devotional

Language: English

Keywords: Religion, Devotional, Body, Mind

Word Count: 17,725

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The book has just been published.  Right now, sales are starting to take off and rankings are going up on Amazon. It's too new to really tell how sales are going. 


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Praying through faith is not just to get what you want out of life, but it is particularly for those moments when you don't get what you want. Tough circumstances will arise, but they are no match for the inner strength and faith that resides inside of you! Living "faithless" is a self-destructive disease. Prayer cracks open doors; but hardcore faith pushes any door wide open. In this book there are 31 days of God inspired, fervent and passionate prayers, with extra writing space for journal notes inside. It is time to shift and move away from negative thinking and troubled times. Don't look to man for the answers! With all the violence, crime and political unrest that plagues our country, we must turn back to prayer! Exercise your faith through God inspired actions that include prayer and elevating your faith level. Discover God's formula for life's challenges! Prayer, plus faith does equal miracles!


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