Pratima's Forbidden Book by S. A. Gibson

Pratima and William travel across India in a post-apocalyptic world to stop a weapon of mass distruction.

Pratima's forbidden book

Heroes must journey to entomb the forbidden truth. Evil knowledge hidden for hundreds of years has been exposed in Northern India. Now the young scholar Pratima and the inexperienced library worker William must join forces to end the threat. Will they be able to travel the rivers, valleys and village ways to arrive in time? Will they have the power to prevent the catastrophe? Their quest for the Librarian is a race against time to stop the unleashing of a grave danger on the land.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Language: English

Keywords: adventure

Word Count: 54,000

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Sample text:

Pratima and Darlana stand beside Jyotsna as she speaks before a large group of people from Divrasai with a smaller number from Etawah. The bridge fort is behind them so the audience can see it.

"You have built this structure with your sweat and tears and muscles," Jyotsna speaks out to the group. "Now is the time to do what is needed to make sure it is protected from the men who are coming."

"You raised that wall stone by stone, plate by plate, post by post," she reminds them. "Now men are coming to tear down your work. Don't fail to rise to this occasion in history. Stand by Pratima and the librarians as they protect our district. This is the moment when your effort is needed."

"Every year I watch you all fight to make a life, you choose what to fight and what to overlook and what to look after," she reminds them. "It is a long, hard struggle that covers storm, injuries, death in every manner and shape, violent and awful rage against unfair rule and the need to focus on nature's ravages of drought, sanitation, growing, birth, weddings, burials, and supporting family."

"Now I must argue with you my friends," Jyotsna speaks down at them.
"I must use argument, expostulation, persuasion, and the appeal to your humanity. I am glad to be with you in this challenge."

"I need you to stand forth now," Jyotsna finishes. "Listen to Pratima and join her in standing for all of us, and our children." She pulls Pratima's arm so she will be the one in front of the crowd.

"My honor today requires that I defend this bridge," she addresses them. "I serve the libraries, I serve the king, and I serve  Divrasai and Etawah." A small cheer goes up.

"All those of you who will stand beside me, please step up here," Pratima pleads.

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