Phoenix Rising by Cassie Alexandra

Steamy biker romance from USA Today Bestselling Author

Phoenix rising

A biker collaboration written by USA Today bestselling author Cassie Alexandra and Amazon bestselling author, Kristie Shafer. Over 80k words of dark humor, gang violence, and steamy sex. Some characters, making special appearances, are from The Biker series.


I left town to get away from my over-protective parents and to try and forget Vaughn, the bad boy biker, who thought I’d screwed him over. But now I’m back and he’s as unforgettable as always. I know that I should stay away, but he’s something I need right now. A distraction from the pain I’m going through.

To hell with everything. I’m tired of being a good girl. I’m tired of running away…


I thought I’d gotten over Lily, but seeing her again has rocked me to the very core. As much as I want to give her the cold shoulder, the need to possess her is burning me up inside. She’s the one girl who I’ve never been able to forget. Now that she’s back in town, I’m going to make sure to return the favor.

This story contains crude language, sexual situations, and violence. Is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Please do not buy if any of this offends you. This is a work of fiction and is not meant to be a true depiction of a motorcycle club. It was written for entertainment only.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: biker romance, bad boy romance, mc biker, biker crime, contemporary romance, alpha male romance, steamy romance, humor and romance

Word Count: 86000

Sales info:

I am a USA Today Bestselling Author. I have written and published over 35 stories. I write under  pen names of Cassie Alexandra and Kristen Middleton and K.L. Middleton

Sample text:


IT WAS THE perfect day for an afternoon cruise. The sun was shining, the temperature was somewhere in the seventies, and I had a chick on the back of my Hog – one I’d never banged before. A sweet-butt, with mile-high legs and cleavage a guy could get lost in. What else could a horny twenty-four-year-old ask for on a sunny afternoon?


I turned on my stereo and found that a Van Halen song I dug was playing. It was an oldie but goodie - Running With The Devil.

I grinned and cranked the volume up.

“Oh, my God, Phoenix, this is so much fun!” she yelled, her hand sliding down my stomach and dangerously near my zipper.

My grin widened. The vibration from my bike must have ‘revved’ up her engine.

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” I hollered back, pulling her hand away from my bulge. “But… how about we get to where we need to be without crashing?”

“I know where I need to be,” she replied with a sexy laugh.

“Darlin’, so do I,” I said, squeezing her knee and thinking about the short-shorts she had on. They barely covered her round ass, which was one of the places I needed to be. And I would, if I got my way.

After a few more minutes of driving, she squeezed me tight around the waist. “Baby, your ride is driving me wild. I need you to pull over now.”

I chuckled. “Right now?”

 (FYI - this book has descriptive sex)

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