Personalities to Avoid by Valerie Hockert

Each of the personality types is a short humorous account of a disastrous date

Personalities to avoid

Each of the personality types is a short humorous account of a disastrous date. These stories are based on real experiences, and are not without purpose. They illustrate what is expected of the other person in a relationship--something that people who are seeking that lasting relationship, seem to have forgotten.  It could be considered a how-to book in a humorous way.

After reading this you will have more knowledge of how to find love and romance, whether you are looking for women or men, and what to look for in the singles dating world.


Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Language: English


Word Count: 13,782

Sample text:

No commitment creep may have great romantic openings, but he will never maintain the relationship.


“I can’t talk now, okay?  Goodbye.”  John quickly hangs up.

Why did I do that?  She’s been very nice to me and to my kids these past few months.  I guess that was rather rotten of me.  I should call her and say I’m sorry.  But I can’t.  Sometimes I think I can, but I just dial and then hang up as soon as she answers.  Like I have many times before.  It’s because then she would be so nice about it—and to me—and then I would want her back again.  And it would probably happen.  And then I would have to deal with these feelings again.

I have these feelings I can’t control.  Whenever things go well between the two of us, I feel like I’m losing control of my emotions; I want to be with her all the time.  I just can’t become dependent on anyone again.  I was dependent on Joan, and look what happened—after fifteen years of marriage, she divorced me.  I was so hurt, I didn’t show up for the divorce proceedings until I had to sign the stipulation.  I didn’t even get an attorney—of course, she thought it was just my toughness.  I let her think that because I didn’t want her to know how much I was hurting.  I know I treated her badly, even caused her to become an alcoholic, but I didn’t want her to leave.  I just wanted her to think I was important.  She was always putting me down.  Always made me feel like my opinion didn’t matter, like I didn’t matter.

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