Perfecting Your Story by Susan Palmquist

A Step by Step Guide

Have you finally finished your manuscript? Has your manuscript been rejected? Looking to polish the story you completed during NaNoWriMo?

Perfecting your story

Have you finally finished your manuscript?

Has your manuscript been rejected?

Looking to polish the story you completed during NaNoWriMo?

Or maybe you’re thinking about writing a story and need some tips on how to make yours close to perfection?

In this easy to follow book, author and writing coach, Susan Palmquist, offers you a chapter by chapter break down on all the essentials of writing a great book-





Narration and Pacing

Conflict and Emotion

There are even chapters on self-editing and checking for accuracy in your storyline.

Each one offers you a series of checklists to help guide you through the process of making your story the best it can be.

It’s almost like having your own writing coach sitting beside you as you work.

Memorable characters are what can transform a so-so story into a wonderful read, and one’s that almost impossible to put down. Oftentimes it’s not the plot that makes you turn the pages, but your need to see what happens to a certain character or characters. In fact, you can have the most original storyline but without great characters to live it and bring it to life, you’re only giving your reader half of what they deserve.


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Word Count: 9700

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While this is an older book, the topic is always relevant to writers and therefore the main reason I'd like to see it reach as many authors around the world as possible.

Sample text:

Check List Number One-Are your main characters (the point of view ones) people that readers can identify with?

First tip-get the reader on the character’s side. One thing you need to establish early on in your story is a connection between the reader and at least one character. One way to do that is to give them a trait or even a fear that causes the reader to think, wow, this person is a lot like me…I often feel that way or have felt that way etc.


It doesn’t have to be anything out of the ordinary, in fact, the simpler the better. It could be fear of the dentist or flying. The sooner the reader thinks they’re reading about someone a lot like themselves the quicker they connect, and the sooner you hook them. We humans are a curious bunch and we’re always intrigued to see what happens to people most like ourselves, whether they be in physical danger, dealing with a death or a broken heart, or have lost their job.


Check list Number Two-Are Your Characters Believable?

While readers are smart enough to know these aren’t real people, characters do need to appear as lifelike as possible. Once again this ties into number one on this chapter’s checklist. Characters do not need to be, and shouldn’t be, all perfect or on the other hand, all evil. People in real life aren’t like that, so don’t create characters that are. Give them flaws…maybe they’re never on time, maybe they burn everything they cook. Or maybe they break out in a rash after they eat a certain food. Think about your character and what quirks you can give them.



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