Paradigm Shift by Charity Oka

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Learn how to change your mind and change your life

Paradigm shiftThis short book leads you to a paradigm shift in several aspects of your life. You can experience the paradigm change your life needs to achieve set goals and fulfill destiny. Do you know that you have been deluded all your lives? This short and impactful book will reveal the brainwashing of the society you need to decipher. It explains how your emotional compass has been hijacked and controlled by external authority figures.It also describes the steps you can begin to follow to take your power back to improve your life. I want you to read this book to learn how to change your thinking and change your life.
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / Prayer & Spiritual

Language: English

Keywords: Change your mind, mind prosperity, stop negative thinking, Soul prosperity, bible meditation, think and grow rich, feed your thoughts

Word Count: 4672

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The fear of change encourages perpetual slavery to a lifestyle, situations, and circumstances that are no longer serving our best interest. This fear can take away our power as a people because the human condition is familiar with miring in patterns even when those patterns are unhealthy and unreliable. We often dismiss the thought of change out of threat without considering the importance and the positive impact such change may have on us individually and collectively. This change is now needed and as a matter of fact, necessary. In areas of our lives where we dared and enforced change though, with enormous fear and uncertainty, we found the results astounding. Change has to remain an imperative process for growth regardless if we are to advance and achieve a better society. The writing of this book is inspired by the realization that humanity is out of awareness of the actual reality and the power we possess as humans and the prospect of unleashing and utilizing it for our highest good but trapped in the control system that rules this world, controlling our thoughts and emotions and also upholding and promoting standards that encourages unhealthy and reprehensible behavior The time has come to liberate ourselves by changing this paradigm.

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