Paleo diet: Ultimate Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight loss by Otakara Harris

Ultimate Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight loss

Paleo diet: ultimate paleo diet recipes for weight loss


But what if you succeed in finding the most suitable diet for you that will let you enjoy the most delicious meals you are used to without any restrictions? The paleo diet is the best diet with which you can control your weight without depriving your body of any of your favorite dishes. 

We continue to assume and live as though we were made for our current environment that provides an excessive supply of food, most of which, incidentally, is toxic and unhealthy. We continue to eat foods that our bodies have not evolved to digest such foods. Hence, the goal of the Paleo diet is to help you learn how to eat just as our ancestors did.

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Heat coconut oil and add chopped yellow onion and ginger in a frying pan over medium heat and cook for 4 minutes. Place the chicken legs in the pan and add seasoning. Cover the skillet with a lid. Turn the heat to low flame and permit your chicken to cook for 35-40 minutes. The chicken legs will liberate water and create a gingery sauce. Add the red onions in the last 3 minutes. Top with chopped green onion and enjoy the dish. Its preparation time is 10 minutes. Cook time is 45 minutes.
Use a sauté pan and melt coconut oil, over medium heat. Portion about 2 tablespoons' worth of the chicken mixture and roll it into a ball with coconut and almond mixture. Repeat the process with the remaining chicken. Prepare 15 to 16 chicken nuggets or balls. Place nuggets into heated coconut oil and cook on each side for 3 to 4 minutes. Transport the balls to a parchment-lined baking dish and place it in oven for 5 minutes to cook the chicken thoroughly. Repeat the process with the leftover chicken nuggets. Permit the chicken to cool down and serve with Paleo ‘BBQ” Sauce.

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