Paleo diet: Top Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes to Beginners by Eileen Jerome

Top Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes to Beginners

Paleo diet: top delicious paleo diet recipes to beginners


This book will teach you that even though these ancestors did not live the longest, they were some of the healthiest and stronger humans on the planet! The Paleolithic diet is based upon fueling our bodies the way that cavemen did to optimize our natural genetics to stay energized, strong, and lean. If you are ready to lose that excess weight and build a shield against diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity, then you have taken a great step to engage in a healthier way of life! While the Paleo diet is awesome and all, one still must spend valuable time working in the kitchen to make delicious and healthy meals.

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The Paleo diet or lifestyle is a natural way of dieting that can help fuel and energize your body through a steady supply of proteins and healthy fats. The diet comprises of limited quantities of carbs and no processed foods, both of which form the bulk of the standard American diet. 

For instance, foods such as grains are unhealthy in that they often yield inflammatory products within the body. Furthermore, their absorption is still poor and thus their nutritional benefit is very little when you compare it to the nutritional value of proteins or healthy fats. Grains also contain lectin, an active ingredient that can hamper the absorption of other nutrients and can make them counterproductive to your diet. 

Therefore, while on the Paleo diet, you eliminate all grains and instead adopt a high protein and fat based diet comprised of foods such as game meat alongside fruits, veggies, eggs, seeds, and nuts. These foods help fight cardiovascular diseases, facilitate weight loss, boost glucose tolerance, and improve general health. 

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