Paleo diet: The Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide for Weight Loss And Healthy Body by Mike Davis

The Ultimate Paleo Diet Guide for Weight Loss And Healthy Body

Paleo diet: the ultimate paleo diet guide for weight loss and healthy body


The Paleo Diet is one of the most popular diets around. And why not? It provides great health benefits - including weight loss - with delicious food! And you don't have to starve yourself with this one. But many people are still not comfortable with giving it a shot thinking the allowed foods are "exotic," tastes like crap, or are hard to prepare. If you're one of them, this book is good news. In this book, you'll find  delicious and un-complicated Paleo Diet recipes that can help you hit the Paleo ground running. And more importantly, these recipes will help you see that not only is the Paleo diet a practical one but also a very tasty one.

But this book trumps that belief by pairing the healthy Paleo diet with the convenience of the Instant Pot! Within this book you will discover the pertinent basics of the Paleolithic Diet, as well as the tips and hacks you need to know to become an Instant Pot master chef! Isn't it about time that you took back control of your physical life and treated your body with the respect it.

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Many dieters believe that calorie intake has a direct impact on weight gain; however, the paleo diet has proven otherwise. Calories are not equal. While calories from veggies and healthy fats can facilitate weight loss, calories from carbs contribute to weight gain and obesity. 

A high carb diet converts into glucose where excess glucose in the body converts into body fat. On the other hand, high fat diets deplete glucose in the blood. Lower glucose levels eliminate the need for insulin and force the metabolism to break down stored fats for use. This aids weight loss. 

With a low carb Paleo diet, it is easier to monitor your glucose and insulin levels. While insulin may help reduce glucose in blood, a higher insulin level interferes with the metabolization of stored fats. 

Furthermore, foods like veggies and fruits are naturally lower in calorie intake compared to cakes, cookies, French fries, potato chips and other processed foods; hence, you are likely to eat much lesser calories when you eat these foods as compared to processed foods.

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