Paleo diet: The Simple Guide for Paleo Diet by Tia Brooke

The Simple Guide for Paleo Diet

Paleo diet: the simple guide for paleo diet


The Paleo Diet can help you decipher which foods are healthiest for you and shorten your shopping time by eliminating time spent sorting through processed foods. Eating healthy and losing weight would be reasons enough to try the Paleo Diet, but there are additional health benefits that go far beyond weight loss

If you are ready to take your diet back to basics and start getting healthier then the Paleo Diet Plan: The Simple Guide for Paleo for Beginners is the audiobook you must hear. It explains exactly what the Paleo diet is and it also outlines all of the benefits that come with eating Paleo. A lot of persons may be skeptical about the diet but in its purest form it is exactly how our ancestors used to eat. They lived off the land. The diet does not include any preservatives or additives or any foods that are filled with unhealthy fats. This audiobook serves as the perfect guide to that lifestyle.

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It is largely believed that people during the Paleolithic era were basically hunter-gatherers who survived by banding together in small groups to gather edible plants for food and hunt wild animals.  These prehistoric men dwelled in caves and subsisted on minimally processed natural food for millions of years and the human body was thought to have adapted to this perfectly. The human genome is believed to have evolved, already programmed to get its nutrients from the first human diet.

It would be hard to pinpoint exactly what our Paleolithic ancestors actually ate as there are no historical records of that. Laboratory studies made on newly discovered prehistoric bones reveal very little of what they actually ate. It would be much easier though to point out the type of food we have today which they didn’t have at that time and therefore were never able to consume.

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