Paleo diet: Rapid Weight Loss Recipes With Amazing Benefits by Kevin Peterson

Rapid Weight Loss Recipes With Amazing Benefits

Paleo diet: rapid weight loss recipes with amazing benefits


The paleo diet will get your physical being back on track as you explore the main consumables that our cavemen and women friends used to devour. It's time to stop filling your body with pointless, calorie-filled carbs and sugars, and get back to the basics.

The recipes in this book include a wide array of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert recipes that will help you to please your paleo palate, even when the situation is not ideal to stick to your diet choices. Even those that have yet to experience the benefits of the paleo will appreciate the tasty qualities that these recipes have to offer!

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Additionally, when you weigh more, your body actually has to do more work throughout the day just to move you around, which is why cutting calories drastically to lose fat doesn’t work. Your body will actually cut back on the muscle since muscle requires more energy than fat. Essentially, your body is acting like the 100,000 year old machine it is and is trying to save you from starving to death. After all, it doesn’t know that you are consciously choosing to eat less, it just knows that you are eating less.

Therefore, as you lose weight, your calorie intake becomes lower as well. Here were my calculations to lose fat and build muscle once I lost 50 lbs and weighed in at 246 lbs (2042 calories daily):

Between 796-837 calories of protein
 Between 960-1001 calories of carbs
 Between 245-286 calories of fat

As you can see, that’s a very tight range to work within and even just a handful of nuts can throw you off. In fact, to lose fat and build muscle takes strict daily meal planning and adherence. I do not recommend you try doing this unless you have some really important event coming up like your wedding. I just don’t think it’s worth it but it’s up to you.

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