Paleo diet: Quick and Easy Paleo Recipes to Lose Weight by Francesca Archer

Quick and Easy Paleo Recipes to Lose Weight

Paleo diet: quick and easy paleo recipes to lose weight


In this book, you won't deprive yourself from beef anymore and you will be able to enjoy it not only for lunch, but also for breakfast, and at dinner too. After listening to this book, you will discover that red meat is a basic ingredient and that you can make delicious, healthy, and balanced meals with it. You will enjoy a wide variety of paleo beef recipes and you will discover that eating red meat is the healthiest choice you can make.

The paleo diet, much like the Atkins diet, will cut out most of your carbs. However, unlike the Atkins diet which will focus on how many carbs you cut from your day to day meals, the paleo diet will focus more on your overall health. The Atkins diet encourages people to gorge on meats, even if they have antibiotics or hormones used. The paleo diet requires that you eat healthy meats that are hormone-free and grass-fed. There are studies that suggest it is not a coincidence that Atkin dieters suffer from heart attacks. This diet even allows you to gorge on fatty meats such as bacon, which is soaked in grease and sure to leave you with clogged arteries, despite how thin someone may be.

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Sample text:

Make sure you have your fillings prepared and your eggs beaten.
Heat a nonstick pan over medium heat.
Once the pan is hot, coat it quickly with coconut oil cooking spray.  
Pour the beaten eggs into the pan.
As the edges around the pan begin to harden, use your spatula to flatten them out. While doing this, turn the pan to make the runny center part of the eggs move out to the corners.
After a few minutes, most of the egg should be cooked, with perhaps a bit of slightly runny egg left in the middle of the pan.
Add in your chopped bacon, baby green spinach, red pepper, garlic and mushrooms, distributing evenly and seeing that all ingredients are cooked to your liking.

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