Paleo Diet: Paleo Diet For Beginners Book by John Maxwell

Best Paleo Diet Recipes Ever!!

Paleo diet: paleo diet for beginners book

Are you constantly struggling to make a positive and healthier change in your eating habits? Are you trying to lose weight, burn fat and build muscle? If your answer is yes then this book is just what you need, with over 40 mouth-watering recipes following the Paleo diet along with a structured meal plan to help you along the way.

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Is the Paleo diet just another fad diet? 

No, in fact the Paleo diet brings you back to the basics of eating not only good food but also healthy food. Using the Paleo diet opens you to a whole range of advantages. Health risks are reduced, endurance and energy are multiplied and most importantly for some Paleo diet followers, weight is controlled and reduced to your desired levels. 

So what is the Paleo Diet all about? 

The Paleo diet is one the few diets that is slowly but surely gaining worldwide acceptance. Its success can be credited to its unique take on the proper diet that is best for consumption. The basic foundation of the diet is found on the Paleolithic era or most commonly known as the Stone Age. The idea behind the diet is that our human ancestors, the cavemen, are one of the most physically fit humans to have every walked the face of the earth. 

The secret behind the cavemen’s ability is their source of nutrients and energy. 
During those ancient times, the caveman diet consisted primarily of all natural foods. The food was neither processed nor refined. The contents of the diet were also low on sugar and dairy. The major food groups, which were also the only ones available at that time, were those that were naturally growing in the environment of the caveman. These were simple meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. 

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Hi!! My name is John Maxwell. I was born in New York and since the age of eight, I have been cooking different dishes at my home. Starting from simple noodles to complex dishes, I know them all.


Recenty I develope a interest in paleo rdiet and so here is one book for you guys!!

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Thanks a lot,  I would like to thank you for purchasing this book. As a token of appreciation, you can download 10 books for free instantly.


Paleo diet is awesome diet, it has got tons of benefits ranging from healthy cells, healthy heart, improved immune system and even helps in weight loss.

This book will enable you for healthy living. Just follow it sincerely and it will do wonders for you. Paleo diet aka paleolethic diet is one of the best diet and is focused on achieving results.

I guess these are enough to follow Paleo diet.

So lets check these awesome recipes.


Amazing Baked Eggs with Asparagus and Leeks Combo



How to prepare

  1. Assemble entire ingredients at one place.
  2. Preheat oven to 402 F.
  3. Fry the bacon in an oven-friendly skillet over medium-high heat for approximately 4 to 6 minutes per side, until tender.
  4. Now comes the most important step.
  5. Add the garlic and leek and cooking for separate 2 or maybe 4 minutes. You can optionally pour off few of the fat.
  6. Add the asparagus and start cooking for another 6 minutes or till soft and tender.
  7. One thing remains to be done now.
  8. You should add the eggs and seasoning and put the skillet in the oven for three or six minutes.
  9. Garnish with fresh chives and now serve.
  10. Enjoy!!

Servings: Four-six

Preparation Time: 6 minutes

Cooking Time: 18 minutes

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