Paleo diet: Best recipes and good healt tips by Lucy Joyce

Best recipes and good healt

Paleo diet: best recipes and good healt tips


In Paleo Diet and Challenges in Following it, author Gage Kane discusses the powerful benefits of beginning the Paleo Diet and how to overcome challenges that real people have with the diet. He offers a different and effective way of eating to improve your health, and lose weight quickly.
In a refreshing departure from the typical diet book written by internet “experts”, Kane provides vital information on the Paleo Diet from the perspective of most of us – He and his wife spent many hours researching the diet and then both of them successfully used the diet to reach goals, improve their health and get energized again!

If you are listening to this book, congratulations! You are now part of the millions of people who want to experience the life-changing benefits of the Paleo diet. In this book, you will learn an in-depth knowledge of how this diet works. You will also learn all about its benefits, how to start the diet, and make it work for you, but above all, how to make it your lifestyle. Always remember that in anything you do, it is always important to have determination and patience to be successful in any goal. So start right now and take action. Embark on this nutritious Paleo journey!

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The Paleo diet, or more correctly – the Paleo way of eating – simply means mimicking the diet available to cavemen during the Paleolithic era (thus the name of the diet). Simply put – if a certain food item wasn’t available to the folks during the Paleo era many thousands of years ago then you can’t eat it.

This diet is also known by other names such as the caveman diet, Paleolithic diet, hunter-gatherer diet, evolutionary diet, ancestral diet, and primal diet, among others. All these names are descriptive of what this way of eating is like. It’s primal because it’s very simple and basic.

It’s called the hunter-gatherer diet simply because you eat the food that can be hunted or gathered – yes you’re not supposed to eat anything that is produced by modern agriculture (more of that in the next chapter). I learned about it simply because I wanted to find a way to lose weight.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts and a host of other things about the Paleo diet, the next question is how you actually get started. We’ll go over the different adjustments that you will have to make in this chapter. In the following chapter we’ll outline a simple 5 day meal plan so you’ll know what an actual Paleo week will be like.

From there you can make your own meal plans so you won’t have to fuss about what food you have to prepare each day. And to help ensure that you don’t eat anything that isn’t Paleo, here is a step by step action plan on how to get started on the diet.

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