Paleo diet: Best Paleo Diet Guide For Beginners by Elizabeth Denzel

Best Paleo Diet Guide For Beginners

Paleo diet: best paleo diet guide for beginners


The food manufacturing industry has indeed improved a lot and rapidly over the past couple of centuries, and that might seem like a good thing. However, the evolution of our nutritional needs and digestive systems has not been able to keep up. As a result, modern problems like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and obesity have emerged while we have been experiencing major changes in our diet.

But with the rising problem of obesity and because people started looking for a healthy diet that helps lose weight in a short time, paleo found its place as the most effective diet to lose weight in a short period of time. This paleo recipe book is a continuation of our first paleo book and it will help you remain healthy and boost your energy as it is based on the consumption of simple and natural ingredients.

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This is the diet which our early ancestors followed. Growing vegetables and grain is a concept which man invented for his convenience; it is not how things were supposed to be.
Based upon the diet of Paleolithic Era humans, the Paleolithic diet is a modern-day nutritional plan. The Paleo diet mainly consists of grass-fed, pasture-raised meats, as well as fish, vegetables, eggs, fungi, fruit and nuts. The diet strictly prohibits legumes, grains, potatoes, refined salt, processed oils, refined sugar and dairy products.

Balancing nutrients is important to maintain a homeostatic condition. Propagandists often argue that the modern human populations existing on traditional diets, reportedly similar to those of Paleolithic-hunter-gatherers, are predominantly free of diseases of affluence (refers to selected diseases with other health conditions that are outcome of escalating wealth in a society). Dietitians and anthropologists refer to the Paleolithic Diet as a "Fad Diet" and raise concerns about the eating patterns and idiosyncratic diets that foster short-term weight loss. The diet is also well known as paleodiet, paleo diet, Stone Age Diet, hunter-gatherer diet and caveman diet.

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