Paleo diet: Awesome Lunch, Breakfast, and Dinner Paleo Diet Recipes for Beginners by Timothy Hale

Awesome Lunch, Breakfast, and Dinner Paleo Diet Recipes for Beginners

Paleo diet: awesome lunch, breakfast, and dinner paleo diet recipes for beginners


It's easy to raise an eyebrow when you hear the term paleo diet. Many people assume it's just another diet with a poorly thought-out weight-loss scheme, but it's not some gimmick or fad that will fade away. It's just a return to the diet that nature intended for us to have. It traces back to the days of our ancestors where we were hunter and gatherers during the Paleolithic Era. The paleo diets consists of dietary stables such as seeds, nuts, berries, and fresh meat.

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Sample text:

Start by heating your oven to 350.  

Arrange your apples into a prepared baking dish.  
Toss your raisins and cinnamon into your apples.  
Drizzle your maple syrup over them, and then add your apple juice to the dish.  
Bake for twelve to fifteen minutes. Your apples should be tender, but make sure that they don’t burn.  
Allow to cool for five minutes before serving.  


Nutrition Facts:

Calories: 170

Fat: 0 Grams

Protein: 1 Gram



Blueberry & Apple Crisp 

A crisp is a great comfort food, and it’s meant to be eaten warm. However, you can eat it room temperature, especially if you want to share! 

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