Paleo diet: 7 Day Paleo Diet Meal Plan For Beginners by Kim Wilson

7 Day Paleo Diet Meal Plan For Beginners

Paleo diet: 7 day paleo diet meal plan for beginners


The Paleo diet may be simple but that does not mean you have to consume a boring meal! Breakfast is fairly easy when maintaining a Paleo diet. With plenty of eggs and meats, making a scramble is simple. A Paleo diet breakfast isn't totally different from any other Paleo dish. The key for planning your Paleo breakfast is determining how to analyze food groups you should avoid and those that are allowed. Then you can work on creating recipes

Along with all of these kernels of Paleolithic wisdom is a virtual archive of Paleo recipes, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between! Cassidy not only highlights what ingredients are good for all of these meals, but also why they are good. You will be amazed with this author's dedication to detail. If you have never heard of the Paleo Diet before in your life, all you need is this book.

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Do you want to start eating healthier? Do you want to lose weight? Maybe you want to do both and have been thinking about trying the Paleo diet. But what is it exactly? Is there a Paleo shopping list or Paleo food list to follow? What you need to be aware of is an important distinction: making the switch to Paleo is more of a lifestyle change than a diet. A diet is something you do to achieve a specific result, for a usually for a short time. A lifestyle change is an adjustment you make and plan to stick with for the long haul.

The Paleo diet's goal is to restore our eating patterns to be like our ancestors’. It's based on what people ate in the Paleolithic or caveman age, before the Agricultural Revolution. They ate wild game, nuts, seeds, berries, vegetables and fruit because at the time that's what was available. Their food came from natural sources and wasn't loaded with pesticides, herbicides and other additives the way our food is today. Pictures of cavemen feature men who were athletic, lean and muscular. Compare that with the average person, who is overweight and lacks energy. The way cavemen ate promoted good health and physical fitness, and following their example will do the same for us.

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