Paleo diet: 200+ Awesome recipes for lose weight by Susan Peterson

200+ Awesome recipes for lose weight

Paleo diet: 200+ awesome recipes for lose weight


This book explains how your body is wired to eat the foods from its natural environment, not the modern foods we eat today. Ever since people began farming, our diets have deviated from our ancestral diet. Returning to a Paleo diet will dramatically improve your health - by giving your body what it really needs!

The Paleo diet is about resetting the body so it functions at its highest level of health, eating a diet similar to the eating food by our caveman ancestors, hundreds of centuries ago. This type of diet was partly responsible for their longevity and enduring fitness. The Paleo diet was and is so effective because it is composed of natural ingredients that we are naturally designed to eat.

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The most discernible features of Paleo diet is the recurrent incorporation animal fats and proteins in our diet. Carbohydrates are a major point of debate in Paleo style of living. These are considered to be the most dangerous part of nutrients so Paleo diet focuses on reducing the intake of carbohydrates, as much as possible. 

In those days the human activity was full of physical passions and struggles so as long as there was the extensive activity people used to travel from here and there in search of shelter or food. On their way whatever they found, in the form of natural resources, they ate it. It is also linked to the living standards of the modern day. So as long as we humans will keep on developing and changing our living patterns we will surely make a way for change of eating habits.

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