Paleo diet: 1Month Recipes For Amazing Health And Super Weight Control by Carla Theis

1 Month Recipes For Amazing Health And Super Weight Control

Paleo diet: 1month recipes for amazing health and super weight control


Every year, a new diet emerges claiming to be the next best thing. The newest trending diet, The Paleo Diet, is different from the rest. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle and quick weight loss, The Paleo Diet, also referred to as The Caveman Diet or The Stone Age Diet, reflects the nutritional habits of early hunters and gatherers. The Paleo Diet is based on food from the land, offering a healthy, all natural way to lose weight, with a simple model that is easy to follow.

The paleo diet is one of the fastest growing ways of losing weight which has been proven to work for all types of people. Unlike other diets, it provides all the essential foods and nutrients required, while maintaining a healthy balance and range of choice, and has quickly become established as one of the healthiest diets around.

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This is a surprising is it not? Every single person out there has always told you that you must consume grains. Then why am I telling you that this is not good? You will learn why soon.

Grains are often made from wheat- wheat flour, white flour or all – purpose flour. They include rice, barley, rye, oats, millets, corn, buckwheat and other grains. These automatically include bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, pastries and beer and other grain alcohols. There are certain foods that use flour to thicken them – like soup. There are a lot of prepackaged foods that are full of flour too! These foods are what people eat most of the time! So there is a reason why they are not good for a paleo diet.

The wheat contains a lot of carbohydrates that are definitely hard to break down. When these are stuck in the digestive system, they occupy too much space. This goes to say that whatever food you eat does not get digested leaving you with no energy. This makes you hungry all the time and you would want to eat more at all times. Since you are hungry most of the times, you find that you eat more. This is what makes you more obese.

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