Paelo diet: 45+ Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss In A Month by Mia Dolby

45+ Paleo Diet Recipes For Weight Loss In A Month

Paelo diet: 45+ paleo diet recipes for weight loss in a month


But even though the paleo diet may not be hogging the spotlight anymore, it is still going strong as many people embrace the "caveman lifestyle." We'll take a closer look at what the paleo diet is and how it works in the next chapter. Before we get there, I'd like to take a moment to remind you that paleo is not for everyone.

Unfortunately, many people will never reach their weight-loss goal because they cant figure out how to reach their goals. Choosing a diet to follow is easier said than done. There are a lot of factors to consider, some of which are not that great. Luckily for you, I hold nothing back. Inside this book, you will find what the paleo diet is really all about so you can properly evaluate its merit and decide whether it is a life commitment designed for you or not.

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Without a doubt, most of those who turn to a paleo lifestyle do so to lose weight. While most diets are rigid structures that lead to temporary weight loss. A restructuring of one’s diet with the Paleolithic restrictions in mind can lead to easy weight loss which is effortless to maintain. The core component of this is the exchange of bad calories for good ones. Many people will find this concept confusing. The idea that“a calorie is a calorie”has thoroughly infiltrated the health and fitness community. Unfortunately, this idea is patently false. 1000 calories obtained from sugar and processed carbohydrates affects the body in radically different ways than 100 calories obtained from lean means and leafy vegetables. The main component of this is the fact that fluctuating glucose levels cause sugar and carbohydrates to be stored disproportionally as fats when compared to protein and fibrous vegetables. In addition, lean protein is more easily broken down into the amino acids your body requires to build lean muscle mass. Muscles burn calories even at rest, so eating properly increases one’s propensity for weight loss, even without changing your level of physical activity. If your goal is to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight, and maintain that weight loss while increasing your ability to build and maintain muscle, a paleo lifestyle is clearly the way to go. 

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