Owl Kiss by Pet Torres

Teen and young adult romance

Owl kiss

Book #2 in The Black Owl Trilogy

Black Owl becomes a known hero in his town, although his true identity is still a mystery. Many people begin to admire him and some people feel hatred for him due to his prudent and benevolent attitudes in a world of injustice.
The young hero finally presents to the world the Owl Kiss.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: teen romance, teen and young adult romance, romance fantasy, paranormal romance, hero, book for boys

Word Count: 14.808

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Sample text:

Every night I went to watch over my town from the tall tower. My owl eyes were able to see everything in the darkness.

Because of this, criminal activity had grown less in my town. The evil people were afraid of me.

They were all afraid of the BLACK OWL.

That was my name, the one in people's mouths in my town. I was a mystery to them.

Nobody knew my true identity.

People only knew there was a young man in black clothes, black mask, black gloves and black shirt with a picture of a black owl. The name BLACK OWL originated from my costumes.


I walked along the top of the tall tower and gazed down. It was a new moon night. The whole town was quiet.

I was wearing my dark clothes and black mask on my face.

The black owl printed on my dark shirt looked like it really wanted to fly from my chest.

I had become the key to the security of humanity.

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