Out of Time by Lorhainne Eckhart

When single, unattached John McCabe goes out for last-minute Christmas shopping, what he doesn’t expect is to find himself in the middle of a life or death rescue.

Out of time

When single, unattached John McCabe goes out for last-minute Christmas shopping, what he doesn’t expect is to find himself in the middle of a life or death rescue.

John isn’t known for having the perfect gift for everyone at Christmas. He usually hits the malls in the final hours before they close, grabs the last thing on the shelf, and cringes as the gifts are unwrapped. But this year is different. He’s determined to do better.

However, on his way to a store in downtown Salem, he spots a crowd of people and sees a woman on the rooftop of a five-story building, about to jump to her death.

Instead of waiting for help, John does what he knows his father and uncles would do: He goes out on the rooftop after the stranger with the sole intention of talking her down. What he soon learns is how a desperate situation can turn into the worst-case scenario, because this woman believes there is no turning back.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Holidays

Language: English

Keywords: alpha male hero, suicide attempt, mystery suspense, hard-boiled, The McCabe Brothers, crime fiction

Word Count: 18000

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New Release, #1 Hot New Releases - part of a USA Today Bestselling Series


Sample text:

John knew his dad made a point of hiring women who did not fall precisely into the category of “easy on the eyes.” No, that was the first thing Vic had sat John down and had a heart to heart about: his rules surrounding women in the workplace. While Vic loved gorgeous ladies with long legs and curves, he never, ever hired women he found attractive, because he saw that sort of attraction as a distraction that had no business in the workplace and could become a problem for any number of reasons. He argued it was best to have the kind of assistant for whom there could never be any kind of attraction.

John figured it would be best if he kept that discussion to himself, though.

He stepped out of the McCabe Industries building, one of the ones his dad owned, as his contracting business was expanding across the west coast.

Outside, a crowd of people were all looking up, and he found his gaze following theirs. It took a second for his heart to thud, as he froze, staring in shock at a person on the roof, standing at the very edge.

Fuck, no!

He took in her fluttering dress, her bare arms, and he couldn’t help feeling as if everything froze and time stood still in that moment. He felt the pull of his breath, heard the murmurs and shrieks of the spectators waiting for the worst of the worst to happen.

Before he could think about anything, he was running back inside the building. Seeing the closed elevators, he hit the stairs, taking them up to the roof two at a time. He realized he had maybe seconds to get up there, and the entire way up, all he could whisper over and over was “Please don’t jump, please don’t jump…”

That really would be the worst disaster for his dad’s business—and the one thing that would totally screw up Christmas.

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