One Wicked Christmas by Amanda Mariel

Lady Cristiana Kendal only wanted to feel alive when she welcomed Adam Brighton into her bed.

One wicked christmas

Lady Cristiana Kendal only wanted to feel alive when she welcomed Adam Brighton into her bed. Now she has a daughter she never plans for him to discover. That is until the Duke of Danby summonses Adam to Yorkshire for the Christmastide holiday, and he appears on her doorstep. Now she must choose between her desire for him and her determination to protect her child from the rogue who'd never claim her.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: saga, romance, regency, victorian, historical romance, English Duke

Word Count: 19194

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One Wicked Christmas is a bestselling title.

Sample text:

December 1815, Yorkshire


Adam twirled a strand of Cristiana’s silken hair around his fingers as she lay snuggled against his chest. He should leave her bed and return to Danby Castle. Never in his life had he remained to cuddle a woman after bedding her. Something about Cristiana felt safe, though. Perhaps the fact that she was a widow or more likely the fact that she did not desire a husband.

He inhaled her scent of vanilla and lilac. “Tell me about your husband?” A sudden curiosity gripped him, and before he could stop himself, the question was out, hanging in the air between them.

Cristiana stiffened for a moment before tilting her chin to look at him. “What would you like to know?”

Adam smiled, rubbing her naked back and relishing the way she relaxed as he did so. “Nothing, I suppose. It was just a momentary curiosity.”

She rose up on her elbow, her eyes narrowed in speculation. “And now it has passed?”

Adam chuckled softly. “I realize that it is none of my concern.”

“Perhaps not.” She dropped a kiss to his bare chest. “But I shall enlighten you at any rate.”

“You needn’t do so.” He stared into her warm grey-blue gaze. He really shouldn’t have asked. “I have no wish to make you relive unpleasant memories.”

“It’s not as though he mistreated me.” Cristiana lowered herself back to the bed, her cheek coming to rest on Adam’s chest. “Ours was no great love affair, but we had a tender for one another all the same. Jonathan was good to me, and I to him.”

“Then what prevents you from wanting to marry again?” Adam found himself utterly confused. Most woman—all of the ones he’d meet—wished to be wed.

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