One Wanton Wager by Amanda Mariel

A Regency Castle Romance

In the game of hearts, desire becomes a dangerous wager, and love's flames are fanned by fate's daring hand.

One wanton wager

In the realm of Regency society, where desire is a dangerous game, One Wanton Wager follows Lady Daphne Summerville and the audacious Earl of Brunsford, Alex Beauchamp, as their clash of wills and magnetic attraction ignite a tempestuous love affair. Amidst stolen kisses and a perilous wager, they must navigate the treacherous waters of their hearts, discovering if a rogue's pursuit can lead to an everlasting love that defies all odds.

In a world where desire ignites with a single touch, the Regency saga of the A Castle Romance series continues with a tale of tempestuous hearts and daring wagers. Delve into the captivating story of One Wanton Wager as passion collides with pride, and love's flames are fanned by the winds of fate.

Daphne the widowed Viscountess Gilford, finds herself ensnared in a web of familial obligations and societal expectations. No longer content to live off the charity of her late husband's family, she resolves to chart her own path. Seeking a husband becomes her mission, though an alluring obstacle stands in her way—a rogue whose charms are as dangerous as they are undeniable.

Alex Beauchamp, the audacious Earl of Brunsford, a man with a reputation for charming his way into the hearts of women. From the instant his eyes meet Daphne's, he is captivated by the fire within her. However, his intentions are far from noble; he envisions her as a willing companion to his illicit desires. But Daphne is no damsel to be swayed by a rogue's empty promises, and she rebuffs his advances with an unyielding spirit.

Undeterred, Alex devises a daring proposition—an irresistible wager that could forever alter the course of their lives. He offers to secure Daphne's future if she grants him the privilege of pursuing her affections, albeit in secret. The stakes are set, the challenge accepted, and the rules clear: each stolen kiss shared between them fuels the spark of a hidden passion.

As their game of hearts unfolds, Daphne and Alex dance upon the precipice of danger and desire. Yet, behind the veil of their entangled hearts, a storm of emotions brews, threatening to shatter the delicate balance they've crafted. With each stolen moment, they risk unraveling the very fabric of their souls.

In One Wanton Wager love's recklessness collides with reason, and the tempest of their emotions threatens to consume them whole. Can a wager born of mischief and longing transform into a love that defies all odds? Join Daphne and Alex as they navigate the treacherous waters of their hearts, and discover if a rogue's pursuit can lead to a love everlasting.

In the game of hearts, desire becomes a dangerous wager, and love's flames are fanned by fate's daring hand. Get ready to be swept away as One Wanton Wager beckons you into a Regency world where passion collides with pride.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: Regency Romance, historical regency romance, Regency England romance, regency romance historical, regency historical romance

Word Count: 27426

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I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and enjoy strong and consistent sales.

Sample text:

Northumberland, summer, 1816

Daphne Summerville, the widow of Roland Summerville Viscount Gilford, sat opposite her sisters-in-law sipping tea. She lowered her delicate porcelain teacup and gave them each a bright smile. Rebecca and Camden had returned to Northumberland yesterday after having departed nearly a year ago and Daphne was thrilled to see her again. She'd missed her sister dearly during her absence.

Phoebe, Rebecca's twin, had missed her just as much. Perhaps more than Daphne had, for the moment the sun crested the horizon this morning, Phoebe had rushed off to Almerry Castle, dragging Daphne in her wake. Not that she would complain, for she also felt like she would burst with excitement at the couple's arrival.

Daphne glanced around the castle's solar with its large stone fireplace, sparse furnishings, and worn tapestries before returning her attention to Rebecca. "It is good to have you back, but wouldn't you be more comfortable at your parent’s house? Leastwise until more progress is made on the restoration of the castle?"

“Oh, yes, you know you would be.” Phoebe squealed, her eyes lighting. “You cannot possibly wish to stay here with scarcely any furniture and only a couple of borrowed servants.”

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